Refinancing the Mortgage on your Pickering Homes

Finding A Refinancing Specialist


There are many reasons why refinancing your mortgage might be a good idea. While the reasons are multiple, the the best thing you can start off doing is finding a reputable mortgage specialist. That is where Canadlend comes in to help. Our qualified advisors are able to crunch the numbers for you and show the advantages of refinancing. 

Why Refinance Today?

By refinancing, you may be able to take advantage of better interest rates and decrease the payments you pay on your mortgage. You could also shorten or lengthen the term of your mortgage. It may also be possible to move from a variable rate to a fixed rate mortgage – a great idea in today’s low-rate climate and also good insurance against a mortgage rate increase when interest rates rise again – as they inevitably will do.
The cash generated by refinancing can help you deal with large expenses, such as home improvements or renovations, covering a child’s tuition, or dealing with a financial emergency. Finally, freeing up cash by using your home equity can allow you to consolidate or pay off other debts you may have incurred that are being paid at a higher interest rate.

Refinancing Fees

But if you are planning to stay in your home long-term, the short term cost of potential refinancing fees will be offset by the long-term gains you are making by refinancing your mortgage on your home in Pickering with Canadalend. Contact Canadalend today to see your refinancing options, and how refinancing your mortgage can help you today. 


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